There's something about the new System.Net.Mail classes that has been annoying the hell out of me. I appreciate that the API is more complete and that I can finally send emails with embedded images, but there's something that it does less well.

What annoys me is that System.Web.Mail (or more specifically, the COM objects it was using) automatically generated me a text version of my HTML email. Granted the text version was terrible, but it was a text version nonetheless.

I know I can add alternate views to my email for HTML/text, but I use Serialization/Xslt to manage my emails and I don't want to maintain two separate Xslt's just so I can have a text version of an email.

The result? I've had to integrate support to my TranformMailer generic class to create a text version of an HTML email. I'll post TransformMailer once I've cleaned it up a bit.