Massive SUO file causes Visual Studio to hang when doing pretty much anything

I’ve been dealing with horribly slow performance from Visual Studio 2008 (SP1) for a few weeks now. We’re talking seriously slow performance. Like 30-40 seconds of unresponsiveness to save the solution; 20-30 seconds of unresponsiveness after compilation if there were any errors.

Today, after taking a few memory dumps to send to Microsoft, I set out to look for network references (an idea from a workmate). I didn’t find any (nor did I expect to), but I did find a 250MB (!) SUO (Solution User Options) file.

I have no idea how the SUO file got so large, but deleting completly fixed the problem. Visual Studio has returned to it’s usual speediness. I do regret, though, not making a copy of the SUO to send to Microsoft. Next time, perhaps.

Advanced Debugging Lab Series

Over the past few weeks Tess Ferrnandez, an escalation engineer at Microsoft, has been releasing the first of her 10 part series of labs advanced ASP.NET debugging. At the time of writing there are three labs covering Hangs (deadlocks), Crashes, and Memory Leaks.

I really can’t recommend these labs enough. Not only do they take you through step by step on how to look at the problems, but each lab asks you questions (eg. “What thread owns the lock?”) that are later answered in a review post.

Absolutely top notch quality so far and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.

SmoothAttach Release Candiate

I have just finished uploading the Release Candidate of my SmoothAttach AddIn for Visual Studio.NET 2005 to SourceForge. Please download it and tell me what you think!

SmoothAttach simplifies attaching the debugger to an IIS website, and is particularly handy in multiple website/AppPool environments. How SmoothAttach helps you depends on which version of IIS you are running:

  • On IIS 6 (Server 2003), SmoothAttach automatically determines which w3wp.exe process is assocated with your website or Application Pool and attaches to it. It even starts it if its not running.
  • On IIS 5 (XP), SmoothAttach automatically stops all other websites and starts the website you need to attach to.
  • While IIS 7 (Vista/Server 2008) is theoretically supported it has not been tested.

Please add any bugs or feature requests to the sourceforge project page.