My first gripe with Vista

I’ve been using Vista for quite a while now and I often defend it in the face of naysayers. For example, I am 100% behind Microsoft when it comes to people complaining that their applications don’t work in Vista because, frankly, it means the developers of said applications chose not to read the countless documents available on running as least privilege.

It’s somewhat fitting, then, that my actual peeve is entirely Microsoft’s fault: Despite Windows Vista Home Premium being suitable for web developers (it comes with IIS7, albeit without a kerberos/ntlm authentication module), it seems that the Vista product managers, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the Local Users and Groups MMC snapin was more than the Vista HP user could handle. What’s worse, IIS uses an account (IUSR) that I cannot manage (from a group membership perspective) because its not an account that’s shown in the control panel sections. Seriously, that’s just poor form.

Obviously the APIs are still there, so I wonder if there is an opensource MMC snapin that replicates the functionality out there. If anyone is aware of one, please let me know.

End Rant